According to WebMD, broccoli and spinach help with memory retention. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that workers with high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol may have higher absentee rates, but consuming foods like yogurt high in potassium and cooked oatmeal will help lower both.

But none of these foods improve your productivity right now. If you want an immediate boost to your workflow, a cup of coffee is a better option.

How coffee works so fast

When you’re awake, your body produces adenosine. Adenosine works sort of like an internal clock. As it builds up throughout the day, you’ll get signals to go to sleep. Caffeine in coffee blocks adenosine from binding with its receptors, so you don’t get those signals. In other words, caffeine is the goalie that stops adenosine from scoring. The pituitary gland thinks the lack of adenosine binding means something bad is happening – similar to if you broke your arm – and will produce adrenaline, giving you a boost. In addition, caffeine also slows the absorption of dopamine, allowing more to build up which makes you feel good about whatever you’re working on.

This sensation lasts about six hours, helping you to get more work done in a good mood. Add the convenience of a one-stop coffee shop to your organization and experience an incredible boost to your output. Discover more benefits of a coffee program.