On-site dining centers provide a wide range of benefits to businesses of all types – from manufacturing to healthcare to higher education. These full-service solutions offer advantages beyond great food choices, including:

Increased Productivity

Employees take less time than eating off-site, hold meetings and exchange ideas during onsite meals.

Recruitment & Retention Benefits

Quality food service is an amenity; studies have shown it can directly contribute to workforce job satisfaction. In addition, it offers employees a wide variety of food at a better value than outside competition.

Improved Security & Safety

Provides a safer and more secure work environment than off-site dining options.

Enhanced Employee Camaraderie & Morale

Provides a place for the workforce to socialize, building a rapport and sense of team.

Multi-Functional Space

Dining facilities can serve as a communications center for organization-wide activities, showcasing new initiatives and programs, hosting celebrations and more.

Health & Wellness

Allows organizations to promote healthy food choices and bolster internal wellness initiatives, which can lower healthcare costs and lost time from illness.

Burch Food Service’s Dining Centers offer a versatile suite of food service options, including:

  • Fresh, nutritious menu options
  • Restaurant quality selections
  • Health-conscious programs to support wellness initiatives


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