Food brings people together. It’s true with family. It’s true with friends. And it’s true with coworkers as well. But if your employees are leaving the building as soon as lunch begins, it may be costing your business in more ways than one – including decreasing efficiency and productivity.

Providing a friendly break room environment with convenient access to great food has been proven to boost bottom lines. Here’s how.

It builds relationships, and helps decrease turn over: When employees eat together, they’re likely to fill the time in between connecting over personal stories. This off-work communication creates camaraderie amongst your team, building meaningful relationships that help reduce employee turnover in the long run.

It improves communication and efficiency: Becoming more comfortable and connected off the line leads to more positive communication and better problem solving on the line.

It can increase productivity: Research shows that employees who stay onsite during lunch take shorter breaks and reach higher levels of productivity faster than those who leave the workplace for meals.

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