Building a motivated and successful workforce begins with one key ingredient: loyalty. Loyalty is the difference between your team volunteering to stay late when a project is on deadline and hitting the road with the job half done. When asked by friends if your employees enjoy their job, loyalty is what motivates an enthusiastic “yes.”

While easy to discuss, loyalty isn’t simple to build or maintain. But there are some simple steps you can take to help lay the foundation, and it starts right in your breakroom. With a few changes, you can boost company morale, increase productivity and create happily loyal employees.

Upgrade your breakroom with free coffee and supplies.

A functioning coffee spot can vastly motivate employees to arrive to work on time – they won’t have to stop for coffee or brew it at home. Throw in extras like creamer, sweetener, sugar and stirrers, and they’ll be able to make it just the way they like. The caffeine in coffee already acts as a productivity reinforcement, but branding the beverage as an employee perk will make it seem like a reward for continued good work. When employees feel rewarded for their actions, they’re more likely to stay with your organization and produce the results you need.

Dub a day of the week or month “Lunch Break In.”

Team building doesn’t have to mean taking a day to half-heartedly solve color-coded puzzles. Instead, keep team building low key and free of pressure by hosting a meal on-site. Encouraging employees to frequently eat together will improve communication overall. Because breakroom tables create environments for natural conversation, communication among employees will grow stronger and solidify a broad sense of companionship and – you guessed it – loyalty to each other and their employer.

Make eating convenient instead of a chore.

Packing a lunch before work isn’t the most fun task in the world. And forgetting to pack a lunch when you work somewhere that doesn’t offer the means to easily obtain food requires you going off-site or going hungry. When employees leave the property or go without food entirely, productivity decreases. Employees with easy access to snacks, beverages and meals are more likely to perceive work as a positive setting.

By providing tasty food options, like those in a Burch Market, employees can buy a variety of their favorites without going off-site. It’s more convenient than packing a lunch, and Burch Micro-Markets can be completely customized to your workforce, including supporting wellness initiatives.

Take the first step toward improving employee loyalty: Learn more about on-site Markets.