Are your employees wanting more options than a typical vending machine offers, maybe you have space limitations? Let us introduce you to a potential solution: the PicoCooler.

What is a PicoCooler? In short, this is a locking cooler with a modern design that holds food and/or drink options for your employees to purchase. The items become accessible after the consumer submits payment on the touchscreen via a mobile app, or credit/debit card. Then the door is unlocked and the consumer is able to take the item of their choosing and scan it to check out. This process eliminates the issue of items getting stuck or jammed in the machine and allows for more variety to be offered.

Worried about security? No supervision is needed. This is a self-checkout cooler with a camera installed for accountability, and once the consumer shuts the door, it locks again, guaranteeing that your product stays cool and safe.

Since the PicoCooler is a cooler, we can offer you more variety of drinks such as energy drinks, teas, and enhanced waters, or foods, such as salads, sandwiches, or yogurt. Adding a little variety to drink or eat can increase workplace productivity. If you want to give your employees something different in the workplace, PicoCooler could be the solution for you.

Burch Food Services is partnering with 365 Retail Markets to bring a break room alternative to your workplace. No room for one of Burch’s full-sized Markets? No problem. The PicoCooler only leaves a small footprint, allowing you to have a diverse selection of food and beverages even if you have limited space. Whether you have 25 or 100 employees, this could be a good fit for your company.

With PicoCoolers, onsite snack, food and beverages services are changing. Evolve with us. Learn more about Burch’s Pico Coolers or other unattended retail options by reaching out to our team.