Your business isn’t using the exact same technology that was available in 1960. Your breakroom shouldn’t be either. If your business has 75 or more employees and vending is still your primary source of on-site food service, your workforce – and your business – may be missing out.

The benefits of Markets over Vending

For your employees, a Market offers a host of benefits that traditional vending can’t provide, including:

  • Wider variety, with hundreds more products available
  • Convenient 24/7 access with cashless payment options
  • Healthier options, like fresh produce and salads
  • Fresh-made entrees from Burch’s Culinary Center

This in turn benefits your business by:

  • Keeping employees on-site, increasing productivity
  • Providing a no-cost benefit that bolsters recruitment/retention
  • Supporting internal wellness program for a healthier workforce
  • Improving employee job satisfaction

Plus, Markets are seen as an employee job perk – a significant selling point when it comes to recruitment and retention of your workforce (you can learn more about that here.)

If you’re unsure if a Market is the right fit for your business, take our free online analysis to discover the answer.