Having the right food service solution can have a huge impact on your business – bolstering employee job satisfaction, improving workforce productivity and benefiting recruitment and retention efforts. Unfortunately, the wrong onsite food service can hinder all of that. So how can employers know if what they’ve got is working?

Here’s a checklist for some key benefits your onsite food service solution should be bringing to your workforce. If it’s not, it may be time to explore your options.

o Product variety: A breakroom food service program is only beneficial if employees are utilizing it, which means it’s important to make sure the products your workforce wants are available. Traditional vending machines are unable to stock many popular foods and beverages. If your current food service is limited, there are better options available. On average, an onsite Market provides 10 times the variety of products compared to traditional vending – like fresh produce and salads, entrée platters and much more.

o Flexible payment options: No one likes scrounging up quarters or straightening out a wrinkled dollar bill. If your onsite food service solution doesn’t offer cashless payment options, like debit/credit cards or wallet pay, it’s time for an upgrade.

o Convenience: Accessibility is a key perk of workplace food service, benefiting not just your workforce, but your business too by keeping employees onsite during breaks. The more convenient your breakroom offerings are, the better for everyone. An onsite Market offers a retail-like environment operating 24/7 with self-checkout kiosks that make purchasing meals and snacks easy and quick.

o Supporting workforce wellness programs: Every employer has been faced with the reality of rising healthcare costs, which is why workforce wellness programs and other employee health incentives have grown in popularity in recent years. Your food service solution should support those efforts by integrating with workforce wellness initiatives and meeting special dietary needs employees may have. Markets are a great option for doing just that, with a wider variety of products and healthier choices.

Wondering if a Market is right for your business? Take this quick online needs assessment to find out.