When growing a business, employee turnover rates and productivity levels are major concerns. As you look for ways to retain employees and increase efficiency, you may be overlooking a simple solution: lunch. On-site breakrooms with a variety of food options promote a strong company culture. Here is how regular lunch breaks produce better employees:

Workers accomplish more.

A full day of work takes a toll both physically and mentally. Toward the end of the day, energy levels drop and productivity wanes. An early afternoon break allows the brain and body to rest for a bit, and a healthy meal provides nutrients to keep employees alert and focused throughout the afternoon. The Staples Advantage Workplace Index reports that 76 percent of employers and workers recognize an increase in productivity following a break. Employees return to their jobs energized and ready to face the afternoon’s tasks.

Workers are happier.

Lunch breaks allow employees to unwind and relieve stress. Getting away from a to-do list lets the mind refocus, so projects don’t seem so daunting. This is especially true if workers dine with friends, discussing ideas and sharing laughs. Decreased stress leads to higher job satisfaction, improved loyalty and an overall stronger team. As an added bonus, happy workers are 12 percent more productive, according to a University of Warwick study.

Providing an on-site dining solution gives your employees a convenient location to take lunch without having to face crowded parking lots or long drive-thru lines. Find out how Burch Food Services can create customized dining options for your organization. Schedule a Market demo today.