At Burch Food Services, our employees are always willing to lend a helping hand, to each other and to you as the customer. We have a large team with many moving parts, all of which are vital to the job we do. Many of our team members work behind the scenes, and then there are those who work on the front line – the faces you see weekly. They all work together to achieve one collective goal: serving you!

Our Market offering started nearly a decade ago with Steven Burch and our Sales Manager. Together, they made the vision of Markets happen within our customer organizations. Fast forward to today, where Burch now has three divisions and more than 150 Markets. The Burch Sales Manager’s job today is to oversee everything and provide guidance on the directions we want to take the organization in regard to Markets. This has resulted in Markets of all sizes, and now Burch is venturing into other areas with the PicoCooler and PicoVend Markets.

Now, let’s meet the rest of the team!

Your Route Merchandisers are the helping hands closest to you. They are in the Markets several days a week, if not every day, and are Burch’s front line. They stock and clean the Markets each time they come to visit. We also count on them to keep the Supervisors and everyone else informed of issues, changes, and general happenings in their individual Markets.

Burch’s Supervisors are the ones that primarily direct our Route Merchandisers in everything they do in Markets and vending. Some Supervisors even work on the routes. They report to their assigned Division Managers, and work with the Market Specialists to help coach the Route Merchandisers. Now, that’s great team collaboration!

Your Market Specialists are highly trained to know how the Markets work, and they coach our Route Merchandisers on better ways to merchandise the Markets and to correct any issues that may arise. They perform regular audits in their respective geographical Markets to identify any needs and assess how Burch is doing. They also help the Market Managers troubleshoot problems in the Markets.

Market Managers have the responsibility of providing direction to the Division Managers as to specific market builds with goals in mind for customers. They often help the Division Managers work with the long-time vending customers on the market concept. Market Managers provide direction to Burch Market Specialists in handling daily issues that arise. They coordinate the ordering, installation and opening of Markets, and they have the responsibility to keep the Markets performing to their highest level once they are opened. Working with the Sales Manager, Market Coordinator and Division Managers, they help provide new and unique products for our market customers.

Another great set of helping hands is Burch’s Market Coordinator. This person is the go-to for everything Markets related. They handle product placement designs (planograms) and are the experts on the back-end system that control stocking and restocking the market. They’re the ones to call if there are any account questions or if camera reviews are required. Your Market Coordinator also runs all the daily, weekly, and monthly reports that help the Burch team analyze the value that the market brings to your breakroom and employees.

The Division Managers, led by the Regional Managers, are the “owners” of their designated Markets. They are there to help Burch customers understand and learn more about Markets. They coordinate with the Supervisors and Route Merchandisers to help keep Markets clean and running smoothly and efficiently. Division Managers can also help provide direction to the Market Specialists in specific areas that need improvement.  They are also the go-to-person for any of our customers.

As you can see, our team of helping hands is very busy working together to ensure that our Markets are well-maintained and our customers are taken care of. We work hard every day to keep up with your Markets so you can focus on more important things, like tending to your families (work and home) and keeping your business culture healthy. So whether we provide you with coffee, vending, market services or all of the above, we aim to always exceed your expectations and keep you happy.