Businesses of all sizes are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency, boost the bottom line and keep employee morale high. A good place to start? Your breakroom. Providing a quality food service experience has been proven to impact business success. Here’s how:

1.)Increased Productivity Employees take less time than eating off-site, hold meetings and exchange ideas during onsite meals.

2.) Recruitment & Retention Benefits Quality food service is an amenity; studies have shown it can directly contribute to workforce job satisfaction. In addition, it offers employees a wide variety of food at a better value than outside competition.

 3.) Enhanced Employee Camaraderie & Morale Provides a place for the workforce to socialize, building a rapport and sense of team.

4.) Multi-Functional Space Breakroom facilities can serve as a communications center for organization-wide activities, showcasing new initiatives and programs, hosting celebrations and more.

 5.) Health & Wellness Allows organizations to promote healthy food choices and bolster internal wellness initiatives, which can lower healthcare costs and lost time from illness.

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