By now, you’ve probably heard about breakroom Markets, and how they stack up to traditional vending services. In general, there are benefits to both your employees and your business when it comes to the variety and convenience Markets offer.

Like: 24/7 access for your employees to hundreds more food and drink products, in an easy-to-use, on-site retail space. Plus healthier options that include produce and made-fresh entrees.

For your business, that means more employees staying on-site during breaks, which leads to increased productivity. It also supports internal wellness programs for a healthier workforce, and provides a great employee benefit to bolster recruitment/retention efforts.

But knowing when your business is ready to make the switch from vending to Markets isn’t always easy. There’s good news however: Burch now offers customized Market solutions that can fit a wide variety of business sizes and needs.

A Market may be a good fit for your business if any of these apply:

  • Your organization has 75 or more employees
  • You care about increasing employee productivity
  • You’d like to bolster workforce recruitment and retention
  • Your employees would benefit would a wider variety of food and beverage choices
  • You’d like to provide healthier options in your breakroom

If you answered yes to any of the above criteria, then a Market could take your breakroom to the next level. Schedule a time to talk to a team member about your options: Schedule Demo.