We could just tell you that coffee keeps workers alert and productive. That it boosts morale and encourage collaboration. That having coffee available on-site decreases employee breaks. Or we could go a step beyond and prove it. Take a look at the statistics behind workplace coffee solutions.

No. 1) 29% of workers say they need coffee to stay alert.* Employees don’t enjoy peak energy levels all day. They tend to lag during the early morning and midafternoon. A caffeine jolt helps them get over the slump.

No. 2) 46% of workers say coffee increases their productivity level.* With one beverage, you can improve productivity for almost half your workforce. Over time, that equals more finished projects, which can boost your bottom line. 

No. 3) 19% of office workers brainstorm better around the coffee machine.* The best ideas require collaboration and “talking it out.” An office coffee machine placed in a central location brings employees together and fuels their ingenuity.

 No. 4) If it isn’t available on-site, coffee runs take an average of 20 minutes daily per employee.* Your employees are going to drink coffee. And if you don’t make it easy to access, they’ll go out of their way to find it. This adds up to substantial lost time and productivity, costing your organization money in the long run.

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