Breakroom Markets have a lot to offer for both employers and employees – from saving money to increasing productivity to keeping your workforce happier. Here are three times they may be the right food service solution for your organization.

No. 1: You’re ready to expand from traditional vending

If your organization has outgrown your current vending service, a Market may be a better fit. This breakroom solution offers a fully customizable retail space designed to operate 24/7, with hundreds of fresh food, snack and beverage choices. The expanded selection and cashless payment options will help keep your employees on-site during breaks, saving time and improving productivity.

No. 2: You’re looking for an economical alternative to an on-site café

Full-service, on-site dining centers can be a significant investment, and often have limited hours of operation. Markets offer kiosk-based payment solutions that can be accessed by your workforce around the clock, with a wide variety of food options and price points.

No. 3: You’re looking for ways to support an employee wellness initiative

More and more organizations have realized the role workforce health and happiness play in overall productivity and business success, as well as keeping benefit costs such as health insurance lower. Wellness initiatives help support those efforts, but can be difficult to implement and maintain. Markets offer a substantial advantage, allowing employers to customize healthy breakroom food options and fulfill special diet preferences – all while improving the success of your company’s wellness efforts.

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