2020 was an undeniably tough year, bringing with it a variety of stressors.  Now that folks are moving back to the workplace, employees may feel more stress and need to feel a sense of community.  Engaging in any activity without a break can make it difficult for the mind and body to relax.  Designating an established area for employees to enjoy some downtime is needed for 3 simple reasons: It can result in higher productivity, better mental health, and overall better awareness in the workplace.


Engage and socialize…

There is a benefit from real human socialization.  And let’s be honest, this is a virtue that many employees missed over the last year. We need to talk. It’s how we are wired. A communal space provides a place to go to unwind and share thoughts about favorite shows or movies.  This mental break gives the brain a rest and allows it to then really focus on the tasks for the rest of the day.  This respite is a primary goal of the breakroom.  As social creatures, we usually like to share these times over food!  That is probably one of the reasons we like the breakroom so much.  Lunch, dinner, breakfast…even a snack is when we like to recharge and talk about anything, work-related or not.  So, upon returning to the workplace, whenever that is, it is essential to have a social space (breakroom) for you and your team. Go join their conversation…we dare you!


Inspire collaboration…

Place bulletin boards up with events happening and announcements.  Get the talk flowing.  Socialization equals collaboration.  That is a fact!  People tend to stay with the same team they work closely with day in and day out. The breakroom gives your employees a chance to mingle with others, and magic takes place.  Magic happens when we break out of our cliques, expand our networks, and realize that other teams have skills that complement ours. The breakroom makes a warm and pleasant place for interaction to occur.  Great ideas can come alive and your company can benefit!



Encourage Escape…

Wait. What does that mean? This community space can be a place to spend time outside the home or workplace where people can enjoy a cup of coffee and relax.  It allows your employees to “escape” the other two places that can sometimes trigger everyday stressors.  This space should encourage the stress to roll away and allow a little freedom and flexibility to develop.  An inviting breakroom can do this.  Great food and drinks contribute to this feeling.  The breakroom not only offers a place to disconnect for a few minutes but encourages it!  People are more productive when there is a known comfortable place to go during the workday…just to reset for a few minutes.  It is a place to look forward to for an escape and to get some downtime for just enough time to recharge.


Need help building ideas for the ultimate breakroom community space in your workplace?  Get started today and check out how we can help you design your breakroom and stock it with all the best treats to get your team talking.