As your company evolves, your needs change. So a breakroom that once fit your organization perfectly may no longer be as effective. To review whether your breakroom is accomplishing what it should, start with these three questions.

1.Is your organization operating at optimal productivity?

There are many factors that influence employee productivity, and you can’t control all of them. But there are several you can control – and they start in your break room. The right food service solution keeps employees on-site, providing fresh food options 24/7 to bolster focus and efficiency, which in turn equals more productivity. It’s a win-win.

2.Is employee turnaround high at your company?

With unemployment rates low, it becomes even more important to distinguish your company from other employers when it comes to retaining current employees and recruiting new hires. On-site food service and office coffee programs are well-recognized as employee benefits – if they offer what employees are looking for. Adding food-based perks is proven to increase employee satisfaction and make them less likely to take a job with another company. Plus, having on-site meal options where employees eat together helps cement workplace relationships.

3.Is your organization’s workforce healthy?

Making healthier food options, like fresh fruits, vegetables and salads available on-site supports employees as they strive to achieve personal health goals, and also may have a positive effect on your bottom line by lowering company health insurance costs. When your workforce is healthier, they’re also happier, more energetic and more productive – all of which benefits your business.

If your current food service company isn’t supporting your organization’s goals, there’s a better solution. A customizable Burch Market helps improve productivity, morale and employee health.

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